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Nikos Gavriil Pentzikis

Publication Date: 13-12-2013

Twenty years after his death (1993) the MIET (National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation) presents 350 works of the famous painter and author. The Exhibition will be held at the MIET Cultural Center of Thessaloniki (Villa Kapandzi, 180 Vasilissis Olgas Street)

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“In the Tunnel”

Publication Date: 10-12-2013

Dimitris Chantzopoulos, Sketches 2010-2013. Book presentation, Tuesday December 10, at 6pm, at the Bookshop Ianos.

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Fowden, Abraham or Aristotle?

Publication Date: 04-12-2013

This is the title of the inaugural lecture given by our dear friend Garth Fowden, Sultan Qaboos Professor of Abrahamic Faiths at the Faculty of Divinity of the University of Cambridge. See the invitation.

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Αbout India

Publication Date: 25-11-2013

The first part of our bibliographical propositions about India concerns books in Greek. But we will continue with propositions from the rich bibliography in English.

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“Greek Seas” at the Benaki Museum

Publication Date: 06-11-2013

Doukas Doukas visited the exhibition at the Benaki and he is writing about the 350 photos with which one travels in space and time

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Sicilian themes: Roger II, Skylitzes and the antibyzantine propaganda

Publication Date: 25-10-2013

A comment by Achilleas Chatzikonstantinou on the lecture given by Elena Boeck at the Gennadeios Library of Athens.

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The banker was guilty

Publication Date: 10-09-2013

An everyday story which took place in ancient Greek Tauromenion (modern Taormina, Sicily) between 546 and 545-44 BC (i.e. 2,559-57 years ago) makes a point.

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Publication Date: 03-08-2013

Last month, early July 2013, the believers celebrated the begging of the Ramazan in a Byzantine church which was up to now a cultural monument open to the visitors. Haghia Sophia in Trebizond / Trabzon is the third Byzantine church dedicated to God’s Holy Wisdom which was converted into a mosque within the last decade.

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Helen Altamoura and her house in Spetses

Publication Date: 20-07-2013

On the occasion of the Panorama trip to the island of Spetses we publish an article of Maria Zeri; it is about this courageous lady (1823-1904), who dressed as a man went to Italy to study painting, her son, the marine painter Ioannis Altamouras (1852-1878), and their lovely house in Spetses.

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Two marine painters of the 19th c.

Publication Date: 12-07-2013

Professor Manolis Vlachos writes about Ioannis Altamouras (1851-1878) and Ioannis Koutsis (1860-1953), two marine painters born in the island of Spetses. See the page EVENTS: Trips – Tours “The Argolic Gulf and Spetses”(the article is in Greek).

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Full moon on the Cimmerian waters

Publication Date: 08-07-2013

Kalliopi Gourgiotou writes about the Panorama trip to the Crimea and the Straits of Kerch – the Cimmerian Bosporus of the ancient Greeks – and she describes step by step the week we have spent in this great peninsula.

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The passion of archaeological research

Publication Date: 13-06-2013

A silver reliquary with the bones of an unknown Christian martyr, buried under the Holy of Holies of a byzantine church which was built on the foundations of the ancient theater of Chersonesos-Cherson in the Crimea: this is the archaeological ‘babushka’ discovered by Giorgos Kostopoulos in the Hermitage, thanks to the publications

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Constantine Manos on

Publication Date: 05-06-2013

You may watch the speech of the famous Greek-American photographer ‘A Greek Portofolio – Fifty Years Later’, given in May 22 at the Benaki Museum, on

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Ancient Termissos, lost in the fog

Publication Date: 03-06-2013

Memoirs from the Panorama visit to an ancient city on the slopes of the Taurus Mountains (SE Anatolia, Turkey) by Doukas Doukas.

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A byzantine lantern

Publication Date: 31-05-2013

During the excavations of a byzantine farm in south Israel, it was found a tiny clay lantern in the shape of a church decorated with crosses (5th-6th c.). The object is in excellent condition but what is special about it is that the light was coming out from the open crosses in order to form much bigger crosses on the walls of the small chapel.

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After the fool moon of May 1453

Publication Date: 28-05-2013

As prophesies have said ‘the city of Constantine, the son of Helena, which celebrated her inauguration in May 11, 330, shall live a thousand years; she will vanish under the reign of another Constantine, the son of another Helen’. And the astrologers

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Marianna Koromila: three lectures

Publication Date: 07-05-2013

You may follow the three lectures given in Panorama by M. Koromila “An Introduction to the Black Sea – the Sea of Azov – the Crimea” (in Greek) at the web side of the Bodosakis Foundation (Bodosakis Lectures on Demand)

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From Douka’s Travel Journal

Publication Date: 30-03-2013

Two weeks ago we were waking in one of the most impressive archaeological sites of NW Turkey. Anemourion, on the southern point of Anatolia into the Mediterranean, is a ghost-city abandoned by its inhabitants during the Arab expansion in the seventh century. Only goats live among the ruins. Travel memories written by Doukas Doukas give the atmosphere of a lovely morning by the sea, between the Necropolis and the early byzantine basilicas half-covered by the waves

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“Antalya” a Panorama lecture on the Internet

Publication Date: 24-03-2013

Accompanied by the musical notes of a beautiful folk song, a 7 minutes video promoting Thodoris Kontaras’ lecture on Antalya gives us a brief glimpse of the port city of ancient Pamphylia (a fertile plain in SW Turkey). The lecture, held at Panorama on 6/2/2013, can be found on

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Marianna Koromila on Korovini’s book ’55

Publication Date: 12-03-2013

In his ‘biography’ of 20th century Constantinople / Istanbul, Thomas Korovinis evokes a vivid image of the great city. Focused on the Greek and other non-Muslim communities of the former imperial capital, Korovinis masterfully turns history into a novel. Read MK’s book presentation speech.

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One year after the catastrophe

Publication Date: 12-02-2013

The center of Athens was burnt down on Sunday 12 February 2012. For seven hours the Greek capital lived a horrible experience and almost a hundred buildings were vandalized. What is the situation today? Dimitri Regopoulos wrote in the newspaper “Kathimerine”

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Niki Marangou

Publication Date: 10-02-2013

She has published books of prose, poetry and children’s fairy tales and won state prizes for her literary work. In 1998 she won in the Cavafy prize for poetry in Alexandria; in 2004 her poem “Roses” was chosen to be hung in waiting rooms in NHS Hospitals in the UK etc., etc. She had seven exhibitions of her work in painting. Born in Limassol, Cyprus, in 1948, Niki was killed in a car accident in al Fayyum, Egypt, three days ago. She was a fine person, an exceptional personality.

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How does a voyage function?

Publication Date: 08-02-2013

There are many ways to answer that question. Vladimiros Antoniades writes his very personal thoughts and, indeed, interesting feelings gathered during the Panorama voyage to Walachia and Transylvania (in June 2012). See the Travel Diary – although Vladimiros insists that his text it not a travel diary or a travel novel.

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Don’t miss

Publication Date: 04-01-2013

The temporary exhibition ‘Byzantine Salento’ as seen and studied by the photographer Foteini Kaïmaki during the last twenty years will be open until the 15th of January. The exhibition housed at the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens and held under the auspices of the Italian Embassy, is a must for those interested not only in Byzantine art but also in the way of life of these remote Orthodox and Greek speaking communities of the West.

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