Travel Diaries Archive 2013

Sicilian themes: Roger II, Skylitzes and the antibyzantine propaganda

Publication Date: 25-10-2013

A comment by Achilleas Chatzikonstantinou on the lecture given by Elena Boeck at the Gennadeios Library of Athens

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Follow us in East Mediterranean

Publication Date: 03-08-2013

See the video ‘Graffiti and a Shipyard’ produced by the Creative Department of APAN (Archive of the Panorama Cultural Society

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Full moon on the Cimmerian waters

Publication Date: 08-07-2013

Kalliopi Gourgiotou writes about the Panorama trip to the Crimea and the Straits of Kerch – the Cimmerian Bosporus of the ancient Greeks – and she describes step by step the week we have spent in this great peninsula [in Greek].

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Ancient Termissos, lost in the fog

Publication Date: 03-06-2013

Memoirs from the Panorama visit to an ancient city on the slopes of the Taurus Mountains (SE Anatolia, Turkey) by Doukas Doukas.

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From Douka’s Travel Journal

Publication Date: 30-03-2013

Two weeks ago we were waking in one of the most impressive archaeological sites of NW Turkey. Anemourion, on the southern point of Anatolia into the Mediterranean, is a ghost-city abandoned by its inhabitants during the Arab expansion in the seventh century. Only goats live among the ruins. Travel memories written by Doukas Doukas give the atmosphere of a lovely morning by the sea, between the Necropolis and the early byzantine basilicas half-covered by the waves.

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How a voyage functions?

Publication Date: 08-02-2013

There are many ways to answer that question and yet it does not exist a complete and satisfactory answer; but Vladimiros Antoniades writes his very personal thoughts and, indeed, interesting feelings gathered during the Panorama voyage to Walachia and Transylvania (in June 2012). Unfortunately the text is available in Greek only. We hope one day to translate it together with so many other articles available only in Greek.

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