Events Archive 2012

Farewell to a great friend

Publication Date: 08-12-2012

A very moving memorial service was held this afternoon at the byzantine church of Saint Nicholas ‘touRangava’ in the old Athenian neighborhood of Plaka. Maria Becket was a founding member of the Panorama Cultural Society. You may find a lot of information about her personality and activities at the website (in English).

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Book Presentation and Music

Publication Date: 07-12-2012

On Friday afternoon Miranda Sophianou will speak about her book “My Grandfather Fahri” (a family chronicle which starts from 18th century Aleppo and continues in Constantinople / Istanbul, Pergamon / Bergama of the late 19th century and New Smyrna, Athens, after 1914. The second part is dedicated to the traditional music

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Meeting of subscribers and friends

Publication Date: 06-12-2012

On Thursday morning, Saint Nicolas day, from 11.00 to 1.30 we will gather at the Panorama.

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PANORAMA 1985 – 2012

Publication Date: 29-11-2012

The Panorama Cultural Society celebrates the twenty seventh year from its foundation (November 1989 – November 2012). For the occasion we present the famous musician Annies Agopian with whom we organized six recitals in spring of 1989. See the publications about the event 23 years ago

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Memory of the 1922 Catastrophe

Publication Date: 31-08-2012

The necklace is from ancient Smyrna, a city founded by Greek colonists in the tenth century BC. Andronike Chysafi composed the Chronology of the last tragic days of the Christians in Smyrna, the Greek and the Armenian communities, late August – early September 1922 [in Greek].

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We will be closed until the last week of August.

Publication Date: 29-08-2012

We will be closed until the last week of August. The secretariat will open for members and friends on Wednesday the 29th of August. We wish you all a good summer and we publish a photo taken in Transylvania, during our recent trip to Romania. We love horses; it is more than obvious.

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In the memory of Domna Samiou

Publication Date: 08-07-2012

In the memory of Domna Samiou

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Manos Hadjidakis, composer

Publication Date: 15-06-2012

An eighteen-year absence. Those days we miss him a lot and we repeat with him: Goodnight Kemal, this world will never change … Goodnight (“Kemal”, from the cycle of songs “Reflections”, 1969).

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Panorama Pita

Publication Date: 21-01-2012

At noon on Saturday, 21 January, join us at Panorama to cut the Vasilopita, drink a glass of wine together and make a wish in common for the difficult year we have begun. Please let us know who will be coming so that we can draw up a list of names so that everyone gets their piece of the cake!

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