Trips - Tours Archive 2012

Along the Via Egnatia and the river way of the Strymon

Publication Date: 25-09-2012

A six day panoramic trip to the ‘Mesopotamia’ of the Macedonian and Thracian lands, between the Strymon and the Evros, and from the Strymonian estuary in the Northern Aegean up to its sources in the plateau of Sofia, Bulgaria. We have also included a half-day tour to ancient Thasos.
Tuesday morning 25 September – Sunday afternoon 30 September. Guide-lecturers: Chrysi Karaiosifidou and Marianna Koromila.

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Thracian landowners buried along with their horses

Publication Date: 27-04-2012

he Burial Tumulus of Doxipara is an astonishing finding, a unique case for the Greek archaeological data. We shall visit the Tumulus on Friday 27 of April during our trip to Thrace. But where is Doxipara and what is this unique finding? See more at the page: Travel Diary

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Roman Collection of the National Archeological Museum of Athens

Publication Date: 03-03-2012

On Saturday 3 March (12.00-14.00) we will visit the rich Roman Collection of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. A guided tour by Machi Karaniki.

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Publication Date: 06-02-2012

Departure from Athens: Friday the 6th of April, late in the afternoon. Return: Tuesday the 17th of April, early in the morning. Guide-lecturer Marianna Koromila. Registration from Monday the 6th of February. For members only.

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Napoli, Pompeii, Herculaneum

Publication Date: 10-01-2012

We have organized a five days trip to Naples led by Machi Karaniki, guide-lecturer. Friday the 24th of February to Tuesday the 28th. Registration from the 10th of January.

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