Along the Via Egnatia and the river way of the Strymon


A six day panoramic trip to the ‘Mesopotamia’ of the Eastern Macedonian and Thracian lands, between the Strymon and the Evros, and from the Strymonian estuary in the Northern Aegean up to its sources in the plateau of Sofia, Bulgaria.

From ancient Stageira and Amphipolis in the Strymonian gulf to Kavala, Philippi, the antiquities of the island of Thasos, Abdera, Xanthe, the Pomak villages, Anastasioupolis-Peritheorion on the northern shore of lake Vistonis, Komotene and Mesembria-Zone; and along the Strymon / Stuma River up to Sofia where we will spend two days.

Guide-lecturers: Chrysi Karaiosifidou and Marianna Koromila.

A round trip from Thessaloniki to Thessaloniki: from Tuesday morning 25 September to Sunday afternoon 30 September. Ask for the detailed program. Only for members.