opus sectileThe website you have just entered is an introduction to PANORAMA's activities and the PANORAMA archive, which is under construction and will be accessible on the internet. We think the time is right to introduce the interested internet public to the PANORAMA Cultural Society, its goals, activities and its archive.

Our introduction tells you a few basic facts about the history of the Panorama Cultural Society (from 1985 to 2009) and the philosophy underlying it. We also present you with information about a few of our publications, and the program of lectures, study-travel and other activities planned for 2012.

The most important part of our website will be the digitalized archive (known as APAN) which is currently in preparation. It is an enormous and intricately interwoven database designed to bring to life and make widely accessible the landscapes, people, monuments and historical developments which have captured our interest and that of all those who have been part of Panorama for the past quarter of a century and more.

APAN is essentially and fundamentally a shared and ever-growing enterprise, and for this reason we welcome all comments from those who take the time to step into this world, and follow its countless twists and turns.