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For Kyr Alexandros

Publication Date: 24-12-2011

We publish here Marianna Koromila’s tribute to Alexander Papadiamandis from the the collective volume (in Greek) "Christmas with Papadiamandis" (published by Choros Technis, Athens 2008)

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Subscriptions to Panorama

Publication Date: 22-12-2011

We would like to remind you that the deadline for new subscriptions as well as renewal of your subscription for October 2011 - September 2012 is Thursday, 22 December. By that date you will have received the program of trips for the first half of 2012: Naples, Pompey and Herculaneum (Clean Monday), Iran (Easter), Evros, Eastern Thrace and Imvros (First of May), Transylvania (Pentecost).

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Book Sale at the National Hellenic Research Foundation

Publication Date: 19-12-2011

From Monday 19/12 until Thursday 22/12, 11.00 am - 8.00 pm, at Leoforos Vasileos Konstantinou 48, publications of the National Hellenic Research Foundation will be on sale with at least 50% reduction. Enrich your library and support the important work of the Foundation.

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Twenty Years....

Publication Date: 22-10-2011

Twenty years since the election of Elder Metropolitan of Chalcedon Bartholomew to the throne of the Great Church of Christ. And we, his grateful flock, wish him with all our hearts: Many years to you, Master!

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From Byzantine Constantinople

Publication Date: 20-07-2011

Another Byzantine ship has been discovered in the submerged Theodosian harbor of Istanbul known as the Eleutherios Harbor, where hundreds of ships including the grain ships from Egypt were moored in the Early and Middle Byzantine period. We reprint a relevant article here

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Ancient Macedon, from Heracles to Alexander the Great, in the redeveloped Ashmolean Museum at Oxford. From the 7th of April until the 29th of August

Publication Date: 14-07-2011

Ancient Macedon, from Heracles to Alexander the Great, in the redeveloped Ashmolean Museum at Oxford. From the 7th of April until the 29th of August

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For the newspaper "Apogevmatini" of Istanbul

Publication Date: 14-07-2011

Turks and Greeks of Istanbul, Greece and the diaspora are rallying to save Istanbul’s Greek language newspaper Apogevmatini, the second oldest newspaper in Turkey.

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Dimitrie Cantemir and Nicholas Mavrocordatos, Parallel Lives

Publication Date: 13-07-2011

A book just published in Romanian.

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Publication Date: 17-06-2011

Summer Book Bazaar in Agra Publishing House.

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Rigas and his seven comrades 213 years ago in Belgrade

Publication Date: 13-06-2011

On June 13, 1798, having endured a 40-day ordeal at the hands of their torturers, the eight Greek patriots were strangled in the dark prison of the Nebojša Tower in Belgrade,

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A comment on our times, and on assemblies

Publication Date: 12-06-2011

We can’t resist repeating the one-time Panorama motto, Embeirikos’s

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Repeat of our spring trip to Romania at the end of September

Publication Date: 08-06-2011

For more information see Events-Trips

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The Library of the Byzantine and Christian Museum

Publication Date: 11-05-2011

On 28 April, the Library of the Byzantine and Christian Museum re-opened after renovation undertaken thanks to a grant from the Onassis Foundation.

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Lecture by Garth Fowden at the National Research Foundation

Publication Date: 10-05-2011

As part of the lecture series “The Ancient Eastern Mediterranean: Crossroads of Myth and Cult”, Garth Fowden, Director of Research at the Centre for Greek and Roman Antiquity of the National Research Foundation, will speak about “The Parthenon in a Quranic landscape”.

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The household snake-guardian of the Acropolis and of memory

Publication Date: 05-05-2011

A dull, grey and rainy Thursday. An unusual May.

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May Day Sunday

Publication Date: 01-05-2011

Σας προτείνουμε μια βόλτα στον Κήπο του Διομήδους, έναν βοτανικό παράδεισο στις εξοχές της Αθήνας (Ιερά Οδός 401, Χαϊδάρι)

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Agra Publications – 1,001 books

Publication Date: 18-02-2011

Agra Publications celebrates the publication of their 1001th book and of the edition Agra Publications – 1,001 books.
Friday 18/2 at 8.00 pm

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