News Archive 2014

For the first of May

Publication Date: 01-05-2014

We are all waiting for the second rebirth of this year’s spring while watching the long rainy days of late April. Meanwhile, by traveling in the archives of the Panorama website, we found an article about the Diomedes Botanic Garden, a wonderful in full-blossom hidden paradise at the outskirts of Athens. The article is written by Sophia Rizopoulou, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Biology at the National University of Athens.

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Stylianos Alexiou, 1921-2013

Publication Date: 23-04-2014

A life dedicated to the Minoan Archaeology, the Medieval and Early Modern Greek Literature, the Cretan Poetry and Dionysios Solomos. Alexiou was a great figure, a great thinker, a man of letters; above all a great character.

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Voyaging through the ancient Greek coins

Publication Date: 11-04-2014

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection jointly organized the Exhibition entitled “THE EUROPE OF GREECE: COLONIES AND COINS FROM THE ALPHA BANK COLLECTION”, which will open today at the Museum’s Temporary Exhibitions Gallery. The visitor will travel to the Greek colonies of the West Mediterranean, the Adriatic Sea and the European part of the Black Sea

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‘Walking through Bucharest of the Phanariots’

Publication Date: 18-02-2014

Tudor Dinu, professor at the Department of Modern Greek Studies of the University of Bucharest, will give a lecture (in Greek) in the University of Athens with the above title. Tuesday 18th of February, 18.30, at the auditorium of the Historical Archive of the University (45, Skoufa Street).

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Panorama lectures at

Publication Date: 15-02-2014

“The role of Kalymnos in Global History a century ago” is the title of the two-hour lecture given by historian Vera Pratikaki in late January. In the Bodosakis Foundation website you may follow the Kalymnos sponge-industry and its expansion all over the world (the lecture is in Greek).

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Athens of the National Foundation of Research

Publication Date: 14-01-2014

We have found an interesting website under the title ‘Archaeology of Athens’. Twelve well known architects, archaeologists and historians write about the historical and topographical development of the city from the Prehistoric period down to our days (see ‘Digital Edition’) while in the database ‘Contemporary Monuments’ you can find information about buildings dating from 1456 to 2003. In Greek and in English.

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