After the fool moon of May 1453

panagiaIcon of the Mother of God, Palaeologan art (detail)

As prophesies have said ‘the city of Constantine, the son of Helena, which celebrated her inauguration in May 11, 330, shall live a thousand years; she will vanish under the reign of another Constantine, the son of another Helen’. And the astrologers of the fourth century were even more précised: ‘Constantinople, the New Rome, will not survive but a few days after the fool moon of May’ they said.
The last Emperor was Constantine XI Palaeologos, son of Helena Dragatch Palaeologina. In the night of May 24, almost a week before the Fall, the fool moon was travelling above the terrified City.
The great capital of the Byzantine Empire fell on May the 29th. But the astrologers didn’t know that the spiritual capital of the Orthodox world will survive until our days.