A Journey in the World of Lighthouses

Two Wednesday afternoon lectures 23 and 30 November, 6.30 – 9.00
Speaker: sculptor Nikos Benos-Palmer, Lighthouse expert, traveler and writer


Subjects to be discussed:

Initial attempts at marking the sea
Nautical marking of the sea in antiquity
The Lighthouse of Alexandria
Maritime routes – communications - culture
The Greek seas after the Middle Ages
The birth of the Greek lighthouse network
The architecture and function of lighthouses
Organization and optics
Technology and new inventions
The life of the lighthouse keeper, the lighthouse and its context
Travels to lighthouses
Modern technology – lighthouses – the significance of lighthouses today
The symbolism of the lighthouse

Cost of participation: 30 Euros
(Youth – active teachers): 24 Euros

Nikos Benos-Palmer is the author of a recent book in Greek about the lighthouse tradition with particular reference to Mykonos (Athens 2009, out of print), as well as many other articles in periodicals, newspapers and exhibition catalogues.