First afternoon lecture, Wednesday, 16 February (6.30-9.00).
First repeat morning lecture, Thursday, 17 (11.00-1.30).

The First Cycle is composed of five lectures on the eastern and western Balkans,
and the region’s geopolitical context from the spread of Ottoman power into southeast Europe (last decades of the 14th c. / first decades of the 15th c.) to the Balkan Wars (1912-1913).
The southern extension of the Balkan region, in other words the Greek peninsula, will not be included. Lecturers:
Kostas Karamalis, architect
Marianna Koromila, historian
Hellenist Tudor Dinu, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Hellenic Studies at the University of Bucharest, will speak at Panorama on the Thursday morning lecture of the First Cycle.

Lecture 1 (WED. 16/2, THURS. 17/2).
The Balkan Peninsula. Geomorphology, ecosystems and historical geography. General introduction. K. Karamalis.

Lecture 2 (WED. 23/2, THURS. 24/2).
The ‘Euonymous Pontus’ – the west side of the Black Sea – and the navigable Istros-Danube.
Geomorphology. Marine and riverine features. The Great Danube River. Neighboring peoples, nomads and incursions. Brief overview of the region in Greek and Roman Antiquity and in the Byzantine period with its tremendous transformations, its ethnic and cultural upheavals. M. Koromila.

Lecture 3 (WED. 2/3, THURS. 3/3).
The clash of two empires in the west Balkan region and along the marchland with Central Europe, 15th-18th c. The Hapsburg dynasty and Holy Roman Empire in the West and the Osman dynasty and Ottoman Empire in the East. The subject Orthodox Slavs. The descent of the Russians. K. Karamalis.

Lecture 4 (WED. 16/3, THURS. 17/3).
The Balkans and Balkan nationalisms 1803-1913. From the struggle for Serbian Independence to the Young Turk movement and the Balkan Wars. K. Karamalis.

Lecture 5 (WED. 6/4, THURS. 7/4).
The Danubian lands from the foundation of the Principalities (1330) to the end of Phanariot rule (1821). Historical and cultural approaches. Tudor Dinu (in Greek).

Registration from Friday, 4 February. Space permitting, anyone wishing to attend only the lecture by Professor Dinu (6/4 afternoon or 7/4 morning), may register anytime after 17 February.

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