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adonis kyrouAdonis Kyrou

Family roots constitute historical sources, while the fact that they are accompanied by personal testimonies adds a human involvement to the normally dry and faceless pages of history. Panorama, having pioneered in this field of “unrecorded” history, by organizing lectures and by encouraging its members to write down their own family stories, has the particular pleasure and honor to welcome a veritable patrician, whose own memories will enrich the historical and cultural awareness of our own world.

The long-time journalist and publisher Adonis Kyrou, despite having been born in Athens has a Cypriot descent from his father’s side and an Epirot descent from his mother’s. In two two-hourly evening lectures (to be repeated the following morning) he will recite the memories bequeathed by his parents in addition to his own personal ones on family episodes as related to historical events. We will thus be guided from the revolutionary Cyprus of 1821 to the intellectual circles of late 19th century-Athens, to the printing press of the daily “Estia” (Hestia) at the time of the National Schism; we will experience the smell of printers’ inks and re-live the adversities of unhappy times and the pleasures of everyday life at the Plaka house of the Kyrou family; we will share the amateur archaeologist’s passion able to discern Neolithic remains amidst dry stonewalls.

WEDNESDAY evening 27 March and 3 April, 6:30-9:00
THURSDAY morning 28 March and 4th April, 11:00-1.30
Kindly enroll early. See two historical documents in the Attached Files

pdfThe “HESTIA” 1894 - One hundred years ago