Delphi, Orchomenos and Scripou


Saturday and Sunday, 29-30 March
Guide-lecturer Mahie Karaniki

A full day dedicated to Apollo and his most respected oracle, the local Archaeological Museum and the sanctuary of goddess Athena. On Sunday mooring we will complete our Delphic visit and will continue towards the Boeotian plain in order to visit the Mycenaean Tomb of King Minyas (c. 1250 BC), the ancient Theater (late 4th c. BC) and the Byzantine church of Panagia Scripou, founded by Leo the protospatharios in 873/74, during the reign of Basil I the Macedonian.

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002The dedicatory inscription οφ 873/74 on the E wall of the church of Panagia (Mother of God) Scripou in Orchomenos, Boeotia

pdfAbout ancient Orchomenos - By Olga Kyriaze



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